Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Rethink Workflow has recently added the "Voting" feature to our flow to fulfill the need of many of our customers.

This feature allows you to specify how many times an action be taken before moving a document to the next state. For example, you want a Change Request only be moved to the APPROVED state only when at least three different committee members take APPROVE action. Another example, only when everyone signs off a Sale Contract, then it can then be moved to DONE state.

How to design

To enable this feature on the flow design screen, take the following steps:
1. Click on the route you want to specify the number of actors to open the route property panel
2. Switch to the ACTORS tab and adjust the right settings. Note that "actors" represents everyone who has permission to take this action as defined in the PERMISSION tab.
3. Click on the UPDATE button to save changes.

Only when at least three actors take Approve action, the document is moved to Permit Review state

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