Workflow Templates by Categories

Rethink Workflow provides built-in templates to help you get started easily. Following are the available templates by categories. 
(Let us know if you have a need for a new template in the comment section, we will help you to build it.)


  • Job Application: allows candidates to apply (with resume) for a position in your organization.
  • Massage Client Intake: allows massage & therapy business to collect client information and run the process from start to finish.
  • Branding Design Request: allows website creation company/freelancer to send an initial survey to the customer and handle the design request from start to finish.
  • Computer Purchase Request: designed for an employee to request purchasing a computer. The request is routed to the direct manager selected from the form for approval. If the total cost is more than $1,000, the request also requires the Financial Department's approval.
  • Contact Us: allows anyone to send an inquiry about company products or services.
  • Request for Leave: Request for Leave workflow allows an employee to submit leave requests for supervisor's approval. The employ needs to sign the request and selects the approver from the list provided for approval.
  • Timesheet: Timesheet workflow allows an employee to submit their periodic time report to their manager for approval.
  • Event Registration: allows end-user to register to an event and the event coordinator to review and accept the application.
  • HOA Architectural Covenant Changes Request: allows homeowners to submit a request for modifications/changes to HOA committee for approval.



    Creating workflow from templates

    1. Sign in as an administrator of your organization
    2. Go to the workflow listing page

    3. Click on "NEW WORKFLOW FROM TEMPLATE" button

    4. Search for a template and click on "SELECT" button on the right-hand side

    5. Change the workflow information (if needed) and click on "ADD NEW WORKFLOW"

    6. On the workflow design screen, make necessary changes (especially in FORM, ROLES, and TRIGGERS) and click on "SAVE & PUBLISH"

    7. Test your workflow carefully. If it is an internal workflow, as an administrator, you can impersonate other accounts. If it is an external workflow, you can obtain the public URL (in VARIANT tab of while designing the workflow) of the workflow after publishing and try it out.


    1. Hi guys... im testing the system so far so good... got a question. once u created so many documents with some unique ID... how do we search for those documents using wildcard characters? i was trying all the possibilities but it doesnt works. Please enlightent. Thank you.

      1. Hi Fattsum, the answer is here: https://support.rethinkworkflow.com/2018/11/how-do-i-search-for-documents-using.html

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