Features & Pricing

Rethink Workflow offers three monthly subscription plans: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. The Basic plan includes most frequently used features and is free to get started. The Advanced and Ultimate provides more advanced features for complex business processes.


Rethink Workflow's Features are organized into our four easy steps to automate a business process: 1. Build Form, 2. Design Workflow, 3. Set Permission, 4. Go Live!

1. Build Form

Feature Basic Advanced Ultimate
Drag-n-Drop Form Builder Creating a form has never been easier. Specifically designed to be clear and visually explanatory you will intuitively move through the selection of controls, dragging and dropping the ones that you need into the form area.
Form Templates We know designing form is a time-comsuming task. To help you get started easily, you can just pick one of our pre-built forms (and workflows) templates and customize it.
Commonly-Used Controls Checkboxes, Date Time, Dropdown, Long Text, Paragraph, Radios, TextUser Dropdown, and Basic Table.
Advanced Controls Address, Email Address, Name, NumberFile UploadPhone Number, Rating, SignatureYes/No, and Advanced Table.
Ultimate and Specialized Controls Ultimate Table, and  Timesheet  (the list keeps growing)
Effective Data Validation Rethink Workflow supports more than 20 types of validation for most controls, from indicating a required field to optional choices and validating a credit card number. This will save you time and reduce delays caused by missing or incorrect information.
Datalist Datalist is a spreadsheet-like feature in which data can be stored in a tabular format. Rethink Workflow allows to create and use datalists internally, or you can directly use an external JSONP service (example) as the data source of many controls including Radios, Checkboxes, and Dropdown.
Form Logic Want to show or hide a field based on other field values? Form Logic allows you to specify the visibility condition for each form field effectively.
Customizable Field Display Properties Rethink Workflow allows customizable field display properties using placeholders for Display Name, Help Text, Required Validation Error Message. Meaning you can display "PTO Start Date" or "Sick Leave Start Date" instead of "Start Date" based on user selection of "PTO" or "Sick Leave" respectively. This feature helps to create a more self-explanatory form which in turn save time and effort for your users.
Responsive Field Display Width Tired of scrolling on a long form? Or feeling bad of wasting papers when printing three pages that can be condensed into only one page? We got you covered with responsive field display width. You can specify how wide a form field should be to make the most of viewing/printing estate.
Custom Validating Function In a form that requires complex validation logic, Rethink Workflow allows you to specify field validation with an intuitive expression builder. But if you have knowledge of Javascript, you can even write a complex function to validate the value entered by the user. To learn more about this feature, check out our guide to custom validating function.

2. Design Workflow

Feature Basic Advanced Ultimate
Workflow Templates Along with form templates, Rethink Workflow also provide 50+ workflow templates for you to hit the ground and running. Our templates include pre-defined roles, permissions, and notifications for you to customize freely.
Graphical Process Designer Rethink Workflow took an innovative approach to designing workflows using a simplified version of State Diagram. We provide an intuitive graphical interface which gives an easy way to create states, transitions and visualizes your workflows.
Internal Vs. Public Workflow  Rethink Workflow allows you to mark a workflow to be used internally or publicly. For example, Request for Leave is an internal workflow allowing the employees of your company to submit Leave Requests. Whereas, Talent Recruiting process allows people from outside of the company to submit their resume.
Workflow Revisions Have you ever had multiple revisions of a workflow because of policy changes? Rethink Workflow allows to create multiple revisions (aka. "variant") so that you can customize your form and process over time.
Powerful Triggers Rethink Workflow allows you to use form values to prepare templates for notifications using triggers. When a document moves from one state to another, Rethink Workflow will calculate and send out notifications to the set of recipients based on customizable rules.
Automatic Reminders Want to send an email automatically if the manager has not yet taken any decision on a request after a specific number of days (and include the reason for leave, maybe)? No problem, we got you covered with automatic reminders.
Customizable Email Sender and Reply-To Instead of sending emails from no-reply@rethinkworkflow.com, you can specify your email address such as  you@yourdomain.com as the sender and reply-to of all notifications.
Action-based Field Validations On top of validation for each field, Rethink Workflow provides an ability to include/exclude fields from validation on each action. For example, you might want the approval to provide justification if he/she declined a request for leave from an employee. However, the justification is not required when he/she approves the request. 
Customizable Document Name Apart from the unique document number generated automatically, Rethink Workflow allows customizing the name of each document based on placeholders or scripting logic. It is possible to show a more user-friendly name like: "Request for Leave of John Smith", or "Equipment Purchasing Request of Terry McDonnel with the value of $146,000." Learn more...
Unique Document Validation Want to prevent a user from creating documents with the same field values? For example, one employee shouldn't be able to create more than one timesheet per pay period. Rethink Workflow allows you to specify a unique condition based on field values with an intuitive interface to prevent duplicates.
Action Conditions Rethink Workflow allows you to show or hide an action (transition) depending on the values entered by the user. For example, if the value of the equipment is more than 150k, show the button to route the document to the Finance Department after the Manager's approval.
Voting Rethink Workflow allows you to specify the minimum number of people taking an action before the document is moved to the next state. For example, you want a Change Request only be moved to the APPROVED state only when at least three different committee members take APPROVE action

3. Set Permissions

Feature Basic Advanced Ultimate
Role-based Access Control Rethink Workflow offers a simple, yet powerful way of defining roles using rules. From simple rules like "everyone", or a "set of individuals", to "Director of Human Resources" or "Technology Committee" are well supported.
Dynamic Roles from Field Values Want to route the document to a user or an email address entered in the form? This feature allows you to set it up easily.
Field Permissions Rethink Workflow allows controlling what the user can do on each field and on each workflow state. The field permissions include hidden, read-only, comment (requires "Document Commenting"), and edit.
Action Permissions You can control what action a particular role can take on a document at a state. For example, the Owner can press Submit when a document is in the Created state but can't press Approve or Reject in Pending Approval state.
Document Commenting Comment is particularly useful to foster the conversation between people involved in a workflow. With Rethink Workflow, user can make comment on an entire document or particular field without any hassle.
Permission Shortcuts Beside a centralized permission settings screen, you can quickly set permissions while building the form or designing the workflow. This feature particularly useful when you want to do a quick permission setup.
Delegate allows anyone in your organization to gives any other user to act on his/her behalf.

4. Go Live!

Feature Basic Advanced Ultimate
Intuitive Dashboards At a glance, see the list of pending and recent items, and track the progress with our beautiful widgets. Rethink Workflow has both overall dashboard and per workflow dashboard.
Responsive User Interface Responsive Design has become the standard of the modern web application. Our team make sure that Rethink Workflow will work with mobile, tablet, desktop screen-size.
Reporting Reporting is where you can see the collected data in tabular format with most frequently used filters and columns.
Advanced Report Rethink Workflow allows you to select columns, manage filters, and export form data to CSV or JSON in real-time. Each user can also create and design multiple reports for their needs.
Company Branding Want to apply your touch on our Rethink Workflow user interface to match with your company branding? Rethink Workflow allows you to use your own logos and change the look-and-feel with just several clicks.
G Suite Intergration If you company has already used G Suite, setting up and using Rethink Workflow can be done seamlessly. Simply follow this article to get started.
Single Sign-On (SSO) Rethink Workflow allows the users of your organization to sign in to Rethink Workflow without the need of remembering yet another password. Please contact us for more details about the implementation.


Feature Basic Advanced Ultimate
Price (per user per month) USD 0.00 USD 2.99 USD 4.99
Storage 1GB 5GB 10GB
Number of Users 5 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Workflows 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Documents 1,000 Unlimited Unlimited

Advanced & Ultimate plan required a minimum of 5 users.

If your company is a Non-Profit Organization, we offer 25% discount on the price above. If you don't find any plan that suitable for your organization, or have any special requests, please contact us for more information.