Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Workflow Reminders

Want to send an email automatically if the manager has not yet taken any decision on a request after a specific number of days (and include the reason for leave, maybe)? Workflow Reminders allow the to set up a schedule for reminding one or more people via email notifications.

How to design

To manage the list of reminders, click REMINDERS tab on the workflow design screen

The system categorizes reminders based on States. To create a new reminder, click on the button "NEW" on the right-hand side and fill in the details. You can also use use placeholders in subject, body, and condition of the reminder.
For example, in Contact Us workflow, let's say that we want to send out reminders to customer service specialist to respond to the customer's inquiry after 1 day, we could follow the steps in the video below:

To edit a reminder entry, click on the "EDIT" button on the right.

To delete a reminder entry, click on the right caret on the right of EDIT button then click on Delete, or use DELETE button.

Using condition

You can use condition to decide whether to run a reminder or not based on values on the form. When the condition is evaluated as true, the system will proceed to run the reminder. You can learn more about the syntax of condition in visibility condition guide.

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