Sunday, December 9, 2018

Document Commenting

Comment is particularly useful to foster the conversation between people involved in a workflow. Our system allows end-user to make comment on an entire document or on particular field without any hassle.

Whenever a comment is added, Rethink Workflow will send out an email as in below:

Rethink Workflow allows administrator to decide if a particular user can make comment or not via permissions while designing the workflow.

How to design

To allow end-user to add comments on a document, the workflow designer can select "COMMENT" option on each field when setting up the field permissions.

If an end-user can add comments on any field according to permissions, that user can add comments for the entire document too. 

How to add comments on a document

Add comments for the entire document

Follow the steps demonstrated in the following video to add comments for the entire document:

Add comments for a particular field

On a particular field, click on the corresponding "COMMENTS" button to see the comment panel. On this panel, write the comments and click on Send button as usual. 

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