Saturday, January 12, 2019

Unique Document Check


This feature allows organization administrator to configure a check to prevent duplicates. For example, in an event registration workflow, the administrator can configure the system to accept only one application per email address.

How to design

Define Document Key

The first step to set up the unique document check is defining the unique document key. This key usually contains placeholders which can be replaced by the system values or field values entered on the form. 
In the example above, we will set up our document key as in below in VARIANT tab: 

The expression above contains the workflow ID, the document owner id (the end-user who creates the document), and the email address entered on the form. This expression will ensure that only one email address can be used for submitting a registration application. 

Specify the action to enforce the unique document check

The company administrator needs to indicate which action the unique document check rule should be enforced. In the event registration example above, we would like the system to prevent duplicates only when the user is submitting or resubmitting an application. 
To do so, the company administrator can select "Check for unique document key" option as in the demonstration below: 


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