Friday, November 23, 2018

Address Control


Rethink Workflow's address control is a useful field type to capture the physical address and geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) on a form. It offers the autocomplete for convenience and accuracy. Address control is available in the Advanced and Ultimate plan.


  • Single-line format: the user can enter the address in one line
  • Multi-line format: the user can enter different components of the address. The components include: street address, secondary street address, city, state, zip code, and country
  • Address auto-complete: show the list of address suggestions as typing
  • One-click address locating: if the user approved, one click can automatically detect and fill in the address based on the current browser's location information
  • All of the other standard functionalities of a field in Rethink Workflow
  • Provide placeholders to be used in the workflow including: 
    • streetNumberOne: street number and name
    • streetNumberTwo: the second part of the address for apartment #, suite #, etc.
    • city: the city name
    • state: the state name
    • postalCode: also known as zip code
    • country: the country name
    • formatted: the full address 
    • latitude: the geographic latitude value (if detected)
    • longitude: the geographic longitude value (if detected)

How to design

To add the address control to your form, simply drag and drop it from the control panel to the form-design area.

To adjust the properties specifically for address, click on ADDRESS OPTION tab on the properties panel below the control

Address Type

The address control supports two address design types: multi-line and single-line format. To switch between those two, use Address Type property as shown in the following demonstration.

Multi-line Format 

Multi-line format shows different input boxes for each address components:
  • Street Address: the street number and street name
  • Street Address 2: for apartment number, suite number, etc.
  • City: the name of the city
  • State: the name of the state
  • Postal code: also known as zip code
  • Country: the name of the country


Single-line format shows the entire address in one input box.

Detect and autofill the address control with user's current location 

With the user's consent, the address control can automatically detect the current location and translate that to an approximate address. Note that if the user denies the request to get the current location, the user can still manually fill in the address.

The following figure demonstrates how it works:

To turn on or off this functionality, use "Detect User's Approximate Location" option.

How to use


The user enters the address components separate into each input box. As the user typing on Street Number and Name input box, the address control provides suggestions to select from. Your organization should encourage the user to pick from the suggestions to increase the accuracy of the value.


Similar to multi-line, the address shows the suggestions as the user typing. 

Using the address field in reporting

Include the address field in column

To include the address field in the list of columns of the report, click COLUMNS button and select the address field from the popup:

To export the address values, click on EXPORT button and select the desired formats. The address field provides the following attributes:

  • streetNumberOne: street number and name
  • streetNumberTwo
  • city
  • state
  • postalCode
  • country
  • formatted
  • latitude
  • longitude

Filter documents using the address field

To filter documents using the address field, click on FILTERS and select it from the list of filters. On the address filter popup, enter the value for searching.

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