Saturday, November 24, 2018

Create, Manage, and Use Datalists

A datalist is a shared collection of items that be used as the data source for Radios, Checkboxes, or Dropdown. For example, in "Computer Purchase Request" workflow, the list of vendors selling the computers is a good example of datalist. With this functionality, organization administrator can create a datalist of items, use it in multiple form controls, and is able to add or edit or remove items centrally and independently.

Creating a datalist

As an administrator, you should have access to manage datalists for your organization.

On the "Datalists" listing page, click on "CREATE" to start creating a new datalist:

On "NEW DATALIST" screen, enter the name of the datalist and a short description (optional)

The system then shows the screen for managing the columns (or structure) of the datalist.

Once it is done, click on "SAVE CHANGES"

Entering data to a datalist

From the listing screen, click on "ENTER DATA" of the datalist you want modify the data. On the details screen, enter the data to the grid. 

Importing / Exporting items to / from a datalist

An administrator can also import or export items to or from a datalist using CSV format. 

Using a datalist in form

Radios, Checkboxes, and Dropdown control supports using an internal (or external) datalist as a datasource. To learn more about this feature, use this example in Radios control.

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