Friday, November 23, 2018

Date Control


Date control allows the end-user to enter date and time conveniently to your form. It supports variety of formats and very flexible to configure to capture the right input.


  • Accept date and / or time value with popup selection
  • Support most of input format as documented here:
  • Allow preventing user from entering value in the past
  • Allow to specify the default value
  • Provide the following placeholders to be used in the workflow
    • date: The date in MM/DD/YYYY format
    • time: The time in hh:mm A format
    • datetime: The date and time in MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm A
    • timestamp: The timestamp value

How to design

To add Date control to your form, simply drag and drop it from the control panel to the form-design area.

To adjust the properties specifically for Date Control, click on "DATE OPTIONS" tab.

Specify Display Format

Display Format determines how the end-user interacts with the control as well as how the value is formatted afterward. For example, the value "MM/DD/YYYY" will only allow the end-user to enter the date only and format the value to 02/28/2018. Whereas "MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm A" allows the end-user to enter both date and time and format the value to 02/28/2018 07:15 AM.
To learn more about possible values for display format, please check out this link:

Allow Past Dates

To allow the end-user entering a value in the past while filing the form or not, the workflow designer can use "Allow Past Dates" option. 
When this option set to Yes, the end-user can enter a value in the past (in reference to the time the end-user is filling the form). 
When this option is set to No, the end-user CANNOT enter a value in the past. 

Specify Default Date / Time

When this option is set to Yes, the workflow designer can specify the default value for this field using "Set to the current date?" and "Set to the fix date" options.
When this option is set to No, there is no value for this field by default. 

How to use

When the end-user puts the cursor to this field, a popup selection shows up. The end-user can then selects the value as needed.

Using Date field in reporting

Include Date value in columns

To include Date field in the list of columns of the report, click COLUMNS button and select the Date field from the popup:

To export Text values, click on EXPORT button and select the desired formats.

    Filter documents using Date field

    To filter documents using Date field, click on FILTERS and select it from the list of filters. On filter popup, enter the value for filtering.

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