Saturday, November 24, 2018

Paragraph Control


Paragraph controls lets you show information to a user. It uses Markdown syntax so that you can express information to the user in a variety of ways. You can also upload files and images within this control to give users more information. Use this control any time you want to give information to a user where the user does not have to give any input


  • Accept text in Markdown syntax
  • Upload Images or Files

    How to design

    Step 1: To add Paragraph control to your form, simply drag and drop it from the control panel to the form-design area.

    Step 2: Next, switch to the Options tab. Within the area marked Content, fill in the text you would like to enter. You can use Markdown to style the text as well, as shown in the example below

    Note: Any files that you upload using the upload files button, will be automatically added to the content section. You may edit this as you see fit

    Step 3: Once you are satisfied with the Paragraph information, click the Update button. This will take you back to the form design page where you can review your form

    How to use

    When the form loads, the end user will be able to see the paragraph information. The only interaction here would be if you had uploaded a file while designing the paragraph control. In this case, the user would be able to click on this link and download a file. A use case might be to provide a sample filled out file that a user can view before filling out an application.

    Using with placeholders

    The paragraph allows using placeholders when composing the content. Those placeholders will be replaced with the actual values at run-time. This particular feature is very powerful to generate the static content, a letter of recommendation for example, on the form based on the value entered.

    During the form building step, you can enter the following content (note all the highlighted placeholders)
    When the end-user is entering the values to the form, you can see all placeholders are replaced with the actual values: 

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